Our cities are running out of Tradespeople

Skilled electricians, carpenters, painters, all-arounders – people who are knowledgeable, handy, and can fix our homes. They’re dying. Literally. This frog got boiled slowly, but the fact is, it’s cooked now.  Taken individually, each of the drivers behind the dwindling numbers of skilled workers make sense.  As the years have slipped by the sum ofContinue reading “Our cities are running out of Tradespeople”

Condo Meeting. A short play.

I was recently asked to write a play for Victory Gardens Theatre for their Annual Gala. This is a departure from the blog and novel writing I’ve been doing lately, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  Here it is in all its sublime glory! MICHAEL COURIER  Condo Meeting by Mike Evans CHARACTERSContinue reading “Condo Meeting. A short play.”

Italy Part 2: Radda in Chianti

There’s just one thing that you need to know about Tuscany.  It tastes good.  The pasta is good.  The wine is good.  The vegetables are good. The mushrooms are good.  I’m pretty sure that the dirt tastes good, though my lovely bride would not help me perform  a scientific experiment on this hypothesis. Naturally, I wouldContinue reading “Italy Part 2: Radda in Chianti”

Journey: Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean.

When I started this great ride across the country, I knew that it would be more than physical. It was to be an emotional and spiritual journey as well. Most visibly, I’ve changed physically. I’ve dropped from a high of 214 pounds in January to 188 pounds in July. At the same time, my legsContinue reading “Journey: Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean.”

Day 75: Pacific: Swisshome, OR to the Frickin Pacific Ocean

26 miles (42 km) – Total final milage: 4,157 miles (6,626 km) Over the last 75 days as I’ve inexorably rolled towards the Pacific Ocean I’ve daydreamed of what the moment would be like. As I crossed the Mississippi, I experienced a small bit of the exuberant joy I expected to see at the end. AsContinue reading “Day 75: Pacific: Swisshome, OR to the Frickin Pacific Ocean”

Day 74: Signs of the end.: Eugene, OR to Swisshome, OR

60 miles (97 km) – Total so far: 4,091 miles (6,584 km) Eugene is a well-intentioned town of biking lifestyle lovers… with a little bit further to go on implementation. The many bike paths are well maintained and superbly marked. Unfortunately, they end abruptly with no warning. Having a bike path down a busy highway thatContinue reading “Day 74: Signs of the end.: Eugene, OR to Swisshome, OR”

Day 73: The Atomic Pie Bomb: Sisters, OR to Eugene, OR

92 miles (148 km) – Total so far: 4,031 miles (6,487 km) The pre-penultimate day of my grand adventure across these United States was wonderfully joyful and fulfilling. A cobalt blue sky framed the vibrant green of Williamette National Forest. In the distance to the South, the Three Sisters Mountains proudly displayed their snowy rainment. ToContinue reading “Day 73: The Atomic Pie Bomb: Sisters, OR to Eugene, OR”