I love to talk to people about


Below are some of the live events I’ve spoken at. I love talking with founders, students, and anyone who is looking to bring their personal vision to create social impact.

University of Chicago: Booth School of Business 2022
University of Chicago: Graham School 2022
1871 Fireside Chat 2022
Paypal Global Innovation 2022

IVY Virtual Event 2022
Commonwealth Club 2022
Nasdaq: Author in Residence 2022
WorkProud Virtual Event 2022
Treasury Executive Institute 2022
California State University 2022

Below is a list of podcasts I’ve been on. Check them out and share them with a friend.


On occasion, people ask for a picture of me. I assume that’s because I’m speaking at their event or for marketing their podcast I’ll be appearing on. Though, conceivably, they may just want to throw darts at it. 

Regardless, feel free to use the images below.

Chicago Skyline
Training ride in Chicago
Training ride in Chicago
Aboard the Pommes Frites
Trying to look serious
Mike in Fixer gear
Getting ready for book launch
I’m pretty stoked. The morning of the IPO at the corner of Wall & Broad

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