Day 0: Arriving in France and a Few Days of Practice

As the crew arrived in France after 24-hours of travel time, we were both tired and excited. Along the trip, it was fun to hear from the crew about how they were feeling.

When we arrived at the Pommes Frites, Brian and I shared our thoughts about the marina, the new Pommes Frites, and the amazing feeling of our upcoming launch.

After our 24-hour travel time, a good meal, and some rest, we set out on some practice days in the marina at St. Marine, France.

Practice Post #1: Navigating our way on the boat has been hard work but so much fun! On our practice runs, we learned about the differences from the old Pommes Frites and our home for the next 5 weeks. It’s also great to see everyone learning new skills as we acclimate.

Before we launched, Beck and Steve head off to the store to stock up on groceries. Are you wondering how much food it takes to feed 9 adults for 2 weeks? This. This is what it looks like.

Practice Post #2: As we finished up our time in Ste. Marine, France, we set out on one final practice run. As we finished working out some details and did a man-overboard drill, we raised the massive spinnaker sail for the first time. It’s size is both massive and impressive!

The Crew

As the captain of the Pommes Frites, I selected a team of 8 to go on this epic journey with me. Learn more about what they brought to the trip on our crew page.

The Boat

Pommes Frites is a Pogo 50, manufactured in Brittany, France. The build process took about 2.5 years from the start of design conversations to launch.

The boat has been designed to push the envelope of racer-cruiser as far in the direction of racer as possible while still having places to sleep that are vaguely recognizable as beds. Also, there’s a real toilet.

Click here for more details on our ride for this adventure!

Interested in the full updates? Here is the full post for the start of our trip with the pre-launch forecast.

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