TransAm Bike Tour Recap: Kentucky

Leading up to the launch of my memoir Hangry: A Startup Journey, each month I’m releasing a state-by-state recap. For the original post, click on any Day number heading. Day 13: Cumberland Gap National Park to Corbin As I rolled into the campground last night, I saw a warning sign for the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.Continue reading “TransAm Bike Tour Recap: Kentucky”

The difference between a startup and a hobby is paying customers

Waaaaaay back in 2010, I wrote a read “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. Roundabout the same time, there was a Southpark episode about underwear gnomes stealing everyone’s drawers for profit. The gist of it is: Phase 1: Steal Underpants Phase 3: Profit. Yeah, but what’s Phase 2? Welp, in the spirit of those twoContinue reading “The difference between a startup and a hobby is paying customers”

Day 24: The Crossing & What’s Next?

On November 23rd, we left Madeira for our longest stretch of the trip: across the Atlantic towards the Americas. Our fully documented journal as we went across the Atlantic can be found on our final post at There are a lot of details about our crossing, from concern of food shortages to wind peaksContinue reading “Day 24: The Crossing & What’s Next?”

Day 14: Nazaré, Madeira and the Spinnaker Saga

Overnight sail started on the 11th from Porto to Nazaré. Huge winds 25-35 knots. We tried flying the spinnaker, but the wind was too much and we made a mistake causing the sail to wrap around the forestays on the boat. Two hours of struggle resulted in the sail in tatters and totally destroyed. Very demoralizing.Continue reading “Day 14: Nazaré, Madeira and the Spinnaker Saga”

Day 7: Launch from France and Docking in Porto, Portugal

The day has finally arrived! Steve, Beck, and the rest of the crew aboard the Pommes Frites saw their goodbyes to Sainte Marine, France, where we spent 3 days prepping the new Pogo 50. We push off for the open water of the Atlantic and their first port in Portugal. For a few of theContinue reading “Day 7: Launch from France and Docking in Porto, Portugal”