Day 7: Launch from France and Docking in Porto, Portugal

The day has finally arrived! Steve, Beck, and the rest of the crew aboard the Pommes Frites saw their goodbyes to Sainte Marine, France, where we spent 3 days prepping the new Pogo 50. We push off for the open water of the Atlantic and their first port in Portugal. For a few of the photos, visit the post over on

Interested in seeing all the last minute details of pogo 50 Pommes Frites with only hours before launching? Check out this post.

While we were near France, it was cold and brisk. We had to stay bundled up! But as we neared Portugal, the temperatures rose. We shed our warm gear, like Keith and Steve below!

Traveling from France to Portugal, we experienced high winds, causing the Pommes Frites to get up to 20 knots, a record for me personally.

We connected over the radio with someone who found out about us on social media, and they invited us to a beer in Viana do Castelo. While we hoped to connect with them and tour the castle, unfortunately there was no room at the marina, so we made our way to Porto.

Part of the joy of a trip like this is experiencing different cultures. We loved doing a little sightseeing and eating delicious food while we were in Porto.

Captain’s Update

In this video, I break down our first three days of sailing, talk about my impression of the city of Porto, the hundreds-year-old fishing village Enduro we are docked in, and finishing up some projects on the boat before setting off again.

To view the full gallery and other updates, visit the first of our Portugal posts and scroll through to read on the rest of our trip.

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