Hi, I’m Mike Evans.

I founded GrubHub because I wanted a pizza and getting pizza was hard. I wrote version one of GrubHub.com in 2002. Armed with a “Sales for Dummies” book, I signed up hundreds of restaurants for online ordering. From there, I lead GrubHub through 5 financing rounds, a couple of acquisitions, a merger with Seamless, and ultimately, the IPO. Phew! With the IPO complete, I left GrubHub to ride my bike ride across the United States.  

My memoir, Hangry is about this whole “Create a billion dollar startup, and then punt it to go for a bike ride” thing. Sign up here to get a preorder link and get monthly updates on my publishing journey.

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Since returning from my bike adventure, I’ve founded another company and embarked on a writing career. The company is Fixer.com. Fixer is an on-demand handyperson service. The key to the business is that the fixers are W-2 employees with benefits, trained from scratch in-house. Our goal is to reboot trade education in the United States. Which is, of course, a ridiculous goal.

Prior to business, and writing, and MIT, I grew up in northwest Georgia, the feral youngest child, reared by a heroic single mom.

(On occasion, people ask for a picture of me. I assume that’s because I’m speaking at their event. Though, conceivably, they may just want to throw darts at it. Regardless, feel free to use the images below.)

Mike decked out in Fixer Gear
I’m pretty stoked. The morning of the IPO at the corner of Wall & Broad
Training ride in Chicago
In Chicago, two days before my TransAm bike ride