Hi. I’m Mike.

I am passionate about professional and personal vision. From founding Fixer.com, an on-demand handyperson B-corp that trains its employees from scratch to founding GrubHub back in the day, I’ve learned a lot about what matters – like ethical business practices to making a difference in the world.

After I left GrubHub post-IPO, I punted it all to ride my bike across the United States. My book Hangry comes out November 2022 and I’d love for you to pick up your own copy to get the full story.

What People Are Saying

“The author is full of practical advice, including a rueful observation about the drawbacks of his hard-charging nature, as when he tried to acquire a competitor by ridiculing him. A page-turning, lesson-rich account of how—and how not—to build a business empire.” Kirkus Reviews

“This punchy memoir delivers.” Publisher’s Weekly

Hangry Prologue

I’m done.

All-day meetings. All-night coding sessions. Midnight outages. Software bugs. Patent lawyers. Employees. Investors. Thousands of angry customers. Millions of happy ones. And pizza. So. Much. Pizza.

I’m done with all of it.

This fills me with equal parts relief and outrage. I say it out loud: “I’m actually done.” I’d been trying, quite unsuccessfully, to quit the company I started for a solid three years. I finally managed it (hence my relief). Unfortunately, they slammed the door so hard it hit me in the ass on the way out (hence my outrage). 

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.  Read More…

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My memoir Hangry is about this whole “Create a billion dollar startup, and then punt it to go for a bike ride” thing.

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