Day 24: The Crossing & What’s Next?

On November 23rd, we left Madeira for our longest stretch of the trip: across the Atlantic towards the Americas.

Our fully documented journal as we went across the Atlantic can be found on our final post at There are a lot of details about our crossing, from concern of food shortages to wind peaks of 30 knots to a Thanksgiving surprise.

By the time you are reading this, the crew and I have landed in Puerto Rico, prepared the boat to rest for the winter, and rejoined our families. As I reflect back on this epic experience, I recognize a few things:

  • I am extremely grateful for my crewmates who trusted me and shared with me something epic. There were lots of vulnerable conversations, naked laughter, and raw exhaustion. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • The ocean is vast beyond our comprehension. Going 8 days without seeing another human, no other boats within a 25-mile radius, confirmed the indescribable size of the ocean.
  • I am so very proud! I crossed an ocean on a sailboat! With 8 friends. And I kept everyone safe. Heck yeah!

The next adventure has yet to be decided, but we are putting together a multi-part web series documenting our 15 days trekking across the Atlantic. This will include raw interviews with the crew, amazing drone footage, and the many joys and trials of the journey. Here is the trailer for it!

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