TransAm Bike Tour Recap: Kentucky

Leading up to the launch of my memoir Hangry: A Startup Journey, each month I’m releasing a state-by-state recap. For the original post, click on any Day number heading. Day 13: Cumberland Gap National Park to Corbin As I rolled into the campground last night, I saw a warning sign for the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.Continue reading “TransAm Bike Tour Recap: Kentucky”

Journey: Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean.

When I started this great ride across the country, I knew that it would be more than physical. It was to be an emotional and spiritual journey as well. Most visibly, I’ve changed physically. I’ve dropped from a high of 214 pounds in January to 188 pounds in July. At the same time, my legsContinue reading “Journey: Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean.”

Day 75: Pacific: Swisshome, OR to the Frickin Pacific Ocean

26 miles (42 km) – Total final milage: 4,157 miles (6,626 km) Over the last 75 days as I’ve inexorably rolled towards the Pacific Ocean I’ve daydreamed of what the moment would be like. As I crossed the Mississippi, I experienced a small bit of the exuberant joy I expected to see at the end. AsContinue reading “Day 75: Pacific: Swisshome, OR to the Frickin Pacific Ocean”