About Mike

Vision Matters

Not only does vision matter, but a personal vision matters. It’s hard, but that’s OK because hard things have big rewards. Having vision makes hard things easy.

I founded GrubHub because I wanted a pizza and getting pizza was hard. I wrote version one of GrubHub.com in 2002. Armed with a “Sales for Dummies” book, I signed up hundreds of restaurants for online ordering. From there, I lead GrubHub through 5 financing rounds, a couple of acquisitions, a merger with Seamless, and ultimately, the IPO. Phew! With the IPO complete, I left GrubHub to ride my bike ride across the United States.  

Since returning from my bike adventure, I’ve founded another company and embarked on a writing career. The company is Fixer.com. Fixer is an on-demand handyperson service. The key to the business is that the fixers are W-2 employees with benefits, trained from scratch in-house. Our goal is to reboot trade education in the United States.

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