Italy Part 2: Radda in Chianti

There’s just one thing that you need to know about Tuscany.  It tastes good.  The pasta is good.  The wine is good.  The vegetables are good. The mushrooms are good.  I’m pretty sure that the dirt tastes good, though my lovely bride would not help me perform  a scientific experiment on this hypothesis. Naturally, I wouldContinue reading “Italy Part 2: Radda in Chianti”

Winter Camping in Manistee 2010

I take a trip to Manistee, MI every January for a fricking cold winter camping extravaganza.  Getting away from work and everything for a couple of days is great.  The snow was so deep this year that it was a serious grind to get the 10.5 miles to the campsite.  Day 2 was tough, anotherContinue reading “Winter Camping in Manistee 2010”