Hey. This is awkward. But I can’t.

What’s this about? Well, you’ve asked me to do something for you. But, unfortunately, I can’t. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m not trying to be an ass. I’m simply trying to set boundaries.

I did something pretty silly. I ended up with four full time jobs. I’ve got a kid, and she’s great. And I founded Fixer, and it’s great. I’ve got a book coming out, and that needs to get written. And, I’m teaching a class in an MBA program. Each one of these things creates a whole series of little urgent tasks.

But really, this is just a convenient excuse. It’s the explanation that most people find acceptable. But what I’m doing here goes deeper than this. I subscribe strongly to Steven Covey’s paradigm of Importance vs Urgency. Important things line up with my personal mission statement. Urgent tasks don’t line up with my goals, but some person or some entity requires them to be done by a deadline. I choose to not do these urgent things, and accept the consequences. (Except for truly unavoidable stuff like filing taxes).

Often, I get a request or demand that I simply *must* do the thing that I’ve been asked. My response is to simply ghost the asker. Sorry about that. It’s not personal. I’m not trying to be an ass. I’m simply trying to set boundaries, and that includes not repeating myself once I’ve said no the first time.