The Earth is hot.   What scant life survived The Burning huddles underground, north of the Arctic circle.  One of the survivors is nineteen-year-old Eliana.  She fixes broken things —  things that come from the remains of a long dead society.

But the planet is cooling.  As humanity returns from the brink of extinction, powerful forces vie for control.  The worst of these live on a space station, seeking to use their technology to become new gods. Eliana is going to stop them.  She finds an unexpected ally in Graham, a newly born artificial intelligence, who believes Eliana holds humanity’s best chance for survival.

INFERNO OF EDEN, is complete at 128,000 words. It is a post-apocalyptic Western about a young woman struggling against the tyranny of the powerful.  Like every Western, it has a showdown at high noon, on the space station.   It also contains an element of the mysterious as humanity’s near extinction catalyzes extraordinary talents in the hero… and also the villain.

In 2002 I founded, which I left in 2014 to pursue a literary career. In my 12 years leading the company, I created a brand that attracted 10 million customers as well as 1.2 million Twitter and Facebook followers. By way of my bona fides for writing a science fiction novel, I have a pile of degrees from MIT, where I was often seen hanging around the AI lab.  Which is to say, I’m perfectly aware when I sacrifice solid science in the name of a great story.

Thank you for considering this first installment of INFERNO OF EDEN. If you’d like to see more, Here’s the first chapter.

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