My wife bought me an RC Heli for our 10th wedding anniversary.  This makes her the most awesome wife ever to have lived.  I know you are jealous.  It turns out that flying an RC Heli is incredibly difficult (which is why she also bought me a simulator program, which of course, I did NOT use before my first flight. dumb. ) Here are the results:

Flight 1: 13 minutes flight time.  Forceful crash into the ground.  Like most rookies, once it got 3 feet off the ground I freaked out and quickly “hit the breaks” or rather, pushed to full descent. The crash broke the skids in half and snapped off one of the main rotors

A week later, 5 replacement parts and 8 hours on simulator.  Flights 2-6:  Very timid. Just enough lift to make the heli “light” and scoot it around using the aerilons. Didn’t really get off the ground.

Flights 7 and 8.  Accomplished 3 or 4 hovers of 15 seconds or so about 6 inches off the ground. Some trouble after this flight:

Flight 9.  30 second hover 1 foot off ground.  successfully moved from point A to B and back again.

Flight 10:  1 minute hover at 3 feet.  Flight above the deck for about 15 feet.  Truly spectacular crash into the side of a building.  Broke the main rotor in 3 spots and drive shaft in 5 places. pieces flew everywhere.

I’ve got it repaired now. (surprisingly, only about $20 worth of parts, but its a pain waiting for them in the mail.) Writing a post about it while I wait for the rain to stop.